Thursday, February 3, 1994

Washington, opened 1/24, adjourns without reported progress. (Qol Yisra'el 2/3 in FBIS 2/3; MM 2/4)

Multilateral Working Group on Arms Control and Regional Security ends Cairo mtg. opened 1/30 after discussing Russian-U.S. working paper, IAEA proposals. (MENA 2/3 in FBIS 2/4)

IDF soldier in truck, firing at stone-throwers in Shatti camp, Gaza Strip, critically wounds 13-yr.-old Mahmud Abu Hajar. IDF spokesman admits soldier's action violates IDF rules of engagement. (MM 2/3; NYT, WP 2/4)

IDF undercover unit disguised as women and old men kills Fateh Hawks' leader Salim Muafi, 29, in surprise attack in Rafah, Gaza Strip. Hawks announce they will no longer obey PLO Chmn. Arafat's orders, escalate "armed struggle." IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Ehud Barak calls Muafi's killing a "great achievement." (WP 2/4)

IDF arrests 15 settlers attempting to establish new settlement nr. Maale Adumin, West Bank. (Qol Yisra'el 2/3 in FBIS 2/4)

Israeli Ag. Min. program comm. approves expansion of Moshav Ramot, Maale Gamla settlements in Golan Heights. (MM 2/4)

U.S. Agency for International Development releases $7 m. in aid to Palestinian Housing Council in East Jerusalem to fund 192 apartments in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip. Money is 1st installment of $500 m. pledged to support Israel-PLO DoP. (MM, WT 2/4)

Jordan reduces staff of Iranian embassy in Amman by 21 in move interpreted as Jordanian disapproval of Tehran's support for anti-DoP groups. (AFP 2/3 in FBIS 2/3; WP 2/4)

Zionist Organization of America, National Jewish Coalition circulate Time magazine columns by Dep. Secy. of State-designate Strobe Talbott criticizing Israeli policy in campaign to stop his nomination. Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs issues news release saying Talbott's views are reason he "should be disqualified" fr. post. Other Jewish groups, led by Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, meet with Talbott and refuse to condemn him as anti-Israel. (MM, NYT 2/4)

"Seeds of Peace" organization presents awards to Israeli FM Peres, PLO UN Observer Muhammad Nasir al-Kidwa, and Egyptian UN amb. Nabil al-'Arabi. Group put together Israeli, Arab children for summer camp, was present at 9/13 DoP signing. (NYT 2/5)