Thursday, September 16, 1993

PLO Chmn. Arafat announces Hamas has agreed to not obstruct PLO efforts to implement PLO-Israel agreement, refrain fr. violence among Palestinians. Agreement allegedly signed 9/15 in Gaza by Fateh and Hamas reps. Arafat says pact paves way for 10/93 meeting in Yemen between PLO and opposition factions. Arafat travels to Alexandria to reassure Egyptian Pres. Mubarak of Palestinian gratitude for support in peace process. (MM 9/16; NYT 9/17; WT 9/18)

Syrian radio reports VP Khaddam met with DFLP leader Nayif Hawatmah, PFLP head George Habash. (MM, NYT 9/17)

Jordan begins police registration of illegal Palestinian residents. Estimated 60,000 residents of o.t. have overstayed temporary Jordanian visas this year. (Sawt al-Sha'b 9/16 in FBIS 9/17; MM 9/17)

Opinion surveys show that 60% of Israeli Jews support Israel-PLO agreement signed 9/13. (WP 9/17)

EC pledges $1 b. for Middle East programs. Funds are earmarked for hospital, 50,000 housing units in Gaza and building of Palestinian "administrative backbone." EC also considering funding large-scale regional programs, including highway system to link Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. EC commissioner for development aid Manuel Marin meets in Brussels with PLO official Nabil Shaath to discuss distribution of assistance. (WP 9/17)