Tuesday, September 28, 1993

PFLP, DFLP announce they are exploring reuniting 2 leftist factions, split since 1969. Fateh Cent. Comm. mbr. Hani al-Hasan, an opponent of DoP, meets in Damascus with PFLP's Habash, DFLP's Hawatmah, and Khalid al-Fahum of PNSF. (AFP, RMC 9/28 in FBIS 9/29)

IDF raids Islamic center-comprising mosque, kindergarten, and public library-in Gaza City. 30 Israeli soldiers search female teachers, frighten schoolchildren, and defile mosque by not removing boots upon entry. (WT 9/29)

Israeli newspapers HaAretz, Ma'a nv, Davar report that Israeli PM Rabin and Jordanian King Hussein met 9/26 in Aqaba to discuss future relations in wake of PLO-Israel accord. Both Rabin's spokesman and Palace officials in Amman deny meeting. Ma'aniv publishes list of 22 meetings Hussein held with Israeli leaders between 1963 and 1991. (MM 9/28; NYT, WP 9/29)

Senate Foreign Relations Comm. approves by voice vote Middle East Peace Facilitation Act. Bill waives ban on U.S. relations with and aid to PLO. Measure passes full Senate next day. (WP, WT 9/29)

American Jewish Comm. poll shows 90% of American Jews believe Israel will gain fr. recognizing PLO; 57% favor establishment of a Palestinian state; 42% believe PLO cannot be trusted to honor commitments on terrorism; 47% oppose continued settlement activity in o.t.; 43% support it. (WP 9/28)