Friday, October 15, 1993

PFLP leader Habash, following meetings in Damascus, says 10 Palestinian opposition factions will form new front to counter DoP, "rebuild the PLO on democratic bases." (MM 10/18)

Yeshiva student stabbed by Palestinian at Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank. Curfew imposed on Hebron Palestinians; settlers rampage, injuring 6 Palestinians. DFLP (Hawatmah faction), in statement issued in Damascus, claims responsibility for knife attack, pledges "to escalate and expand our military operations against the enemy and the settlers in all the occupied Palestinian territories until we foil the Gaza-Jericho agreement." PFLP claims responsibility for 10/9 killing of 2 Israeli hikers near Jericho. (WP 10/16, WT 10/18)

Israeli PM Rabin visits Indonesia, largest country without diplomatic relations with Israel, and meets with Pres. Suharto, chairman of Nonaligned Movement, for over an hour. Rabin states he is looking for nonaligned support for peace process and cooperation with Israel. An Indonesian diplomat is quoted by NYT as saying establishment of Indonesian-Israeli diplomatic relations is "only a matter of time," but that Jakarta wishes "to see the Middle East peace process progress a bit further." Rabin also visits Singapore, Kenya. (NYT 10/16; MM 10/18)