Wednesday, June 2, 1993

Libyan pilgrims leave, cutting short their visit by 1 day after being denounced by PLO, Hamas, Arab nations, and increasingly by their Israeli hosts. (NYT 6/3)

Jersualem Mayor Teddy Kollek, 82, announces he will seek another 5-year term. (NYT 6/3)

Israel announces an army intelligence officer has been imprisoned for 6 years after a secret trial convicted him of spying for an unidentified country. The officer, Maj. Yosi 'Amit, was sentenced to a 12-year term in 1986, the sentence upheld by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1989. (Qol Yisra'el 6/2 in FBIS 6/4; MM, WT 6/3; WP 6/4)