Tuesday, June 15, 1993

On opening day of 10th round of talks, Palestinian and Israeli negotiators form working group to discuss joint declaration on o.t. self-rule. (NYT, WT 6/16)

Secy. of State Christopher, after meeting FM Peres in Geneva, offers U.S. security role on Golan Heights if Israel withdraws. (JP 6/15 in MM 6/16; WP 6/16)

Speaking in Qiryat Shemona, PM Rabin reiterates unwillingness for full withdrawal from Golan Heights, saying "We are prepared for a withdrawal on the Golan Heights to secure and recognized boundaries. We won't discuss the geographical scope of a withdrawal, however, until we receive a satisfactory response from our point of view of [Syria's] meaning of peace." (MM 6/16)

Chmn. Arafat meets Russian FM Kozyrev in Tunis, discusses peace process. (Algiers VOP 6/16 in FBIS 6/17)