Thursday, August 12, 1993

PLO Exec. Comm. rejects resignations of negotiators Faisal Husseini, Hanan Ashrawi, and Sa'eb Erakat, appoints them and 4 other mbrs. of delegation to official PLO steering committee. (NYT, WP, WT 8/13)

U.S. and Russia issue invitations for 11th round of Arab-Israeli peace talks, to be held in Washington at end of August. (NYT, WP, WT 8/13)

Egyptian FM 'Amr Musa, at press conference, claims there has been unfair criticism by Palestinians of Egyptian "interference" with Palestinian response to U.S. document, warns if it continues Egypt will reveal details of Palestinian dealings with Israel. PLO delivers message to Musa saying "Egypt did not exert any kind of pressure on the Palestinian leadership." Meanwhile, al-Sharq alAwsat publishes purported excerpts from Palestinian delegation's meeting before going to Tunis for consultations with PLO. "Excerpts" claim delegation protested PLO leadership's decision-making monopoly and "interference in everything," Egyptian "tutelage over the PLO leadership." Delegation spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi denies reports, saying "We have never criticized the Egyptian position." (MM 8/12; Cairo Voice of the Arabs 8/15 in FBIS 8/16)

Syrian Pres. al-Asad, in interview with al-Safir, says "there was no deal" to end "Operation Accountability." He maintains there was "no sellout of the [Lebanese] resistance," and asserts the necessity "to preserve the resistance and to protect it." (MM 8/12)

Pres. Clinton, in meeting with Pope John Paul II in Denver, CO, expresses his "commitment and his support for full diplomatic relations" between the Vatican and Israel, according to U.S. amb. to Vatican Raymond W. Flynn. (WP 8/13)

Israeli settlers wind up 5 days of demonstrations against Rabin govt. with rally in Tel Aviv attended by "several thousand." Settlers' slogans include "Giving up the territories means katyushas on Tel Aviv," and "We won't move from the Golan." (JP 8/21)