Wednesday, February 17, 1993

Faisal Husseini and 40 delegation associates visit area in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip, where homes were leveled by IDF 2/11 to offer sympathy, rally support for negotiations. Hamas and PLO supporters chant allegiance. (MM 2/17)

Pres. Mubarak meets with Chmn. Arafat in Cairo. (WT 2/20; MENA 2/17 in FBIS 2/17)

Israeli Aircraft Industries announces U.S. Def. Dept. has awarded them and American co. TRW a $240m contract to build 56 unmanned airplanes. Sen. Daniel Inouye (DHI) announces U.S. has budgeted $57m to improve Haifa port, which will serve as U.S. Navy's major regional anchorage. But as chmn. of Senate def. appropriations subcomm., he tells Israeli officials that they should prepare for a possible cut in U.S. foreign aid. (MM 2/17; WT 2/18)

Jordan appoints Shaykh Sulayman al-Jabari Mufti of Jerusalem. (MM 2/19)

Israeli justice min. announces that Shin Bet agent in charge when Mustafa 'Akkawi died under 2/4/92 interrogation has been disciplined. (WT 2/18)

IDF shoots 2 Palestinian youths dead in West Bank; another shot dead, while fleeing, 10 minutes after curfew, in Gaza City. (NYT 2/19)

Hizballah and Israeli, SLA forces engage in largest artillery battle of the year, killing 3 Islamic fighters, 2 other Lebanese. Israel shells up to 30 villages, including Nabatiyya. (MM, NYT 2/18)