Tuesday, February 23, 1993

Secy. of State Christopher meets in Israel with PM Rabin, FM Peres, then with Palestinians led by Faisal Husseini, who tell him that all deportees must be returned for talks to resume. Palestinians read the secy. a letter from Chmn. Arafat, present 5-point memo assessing peace process. (NYT 2/24; Sanaa VOP 2/25 in FBIS 2/26)

Some 7,000 march against territorial compromise on the Golan Heights in Jerusalem. (MM 2/24)

Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (Tel Aviv U.) publishes poll of non-settler, non-kibbutz mbr. Israeli Jewish pop. showing 58% believe the Arabs want peace, 95% of Israelis want peace; 29% favor Palestinian autonomy, 20% favor returning o.t. to Jordan; favor of a Palestinian state, annexation, and annexation with transfer each garnered 13%. 46% refuse to give back any of the Golan Heights, 33% would give back a small part. 75% believe military action can stop the intifada and terrorism, 60% feel the govt. has been too soft on this. (Davar 2/23 in FBIS 2/25)

Police Min. Moshe Shahal has set up team of jurists to work out a plan for o.t. police force to operate under the autonomy, one which will be a "clear expression of Palestinian self-rule." Historical models include British-French policing of the Hebrides. (Davar 2/23 in FBIS 2/26)

Israeli National Planning and Building Council subcomms. approve plan to build school for handicapped children in East Jerusalem, ending former Housing Min. Ariel Sharon's plan to build 200 Jewish housing units on the site. (Qol Yisra'el 2/26 in FBIS 2/26)

IDF shoots dead UN nurse watching demonstrations from his roof in Rafah, Gaza Strip-50th Palestinian killed by IDF since 12/17/92. (WT 2/24)

U.S. House Republican Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare releases "The New Islamist International," a report asserting Iranian backing of attacks on UN and Muslims in Bosnia while throwing blame on the Serbs, as well as other actions of intl. radical Islamist agenda. Report follows up similar 10/3/92 report. (WJW 4/22)