Thursday, February 25, 1993

Secy. of State Christopher and Russian FM Kozyrev announce they will invite the parties to resume Middle East peace talks in April; cosponsors will step up their roles as honest brokers. Russia will invite a PLO delegation to Moscow. (NYT 2/26)

Faisal Husseini receives "encouraging" letters of assurances, responses from Pres. Clinton and Secy. of State Christopher: commitment to process based on 242, 338, land for peace; assurance of progress this year; opposition to deportations, which are illegal; U.S. to be full partner; appreciation of Palestinian positions and encouragement to participate; support of previous U.S. commitments and documents. (Qol Yisra'el 2/25 in FBIS 2/26; MM 2/26; MEI 3/5)

U.S. tells PLO it has withdrawn its 6- point plan to end the deportee issue because Israel has not accepted major parts of it (specifically, points 1 and 2; see 2/24). (RMC, Moroccan Kingdom Radio 2/25 in FBIS 2/26)

Israel offers to reconfirm that 12/17/92 deportations were "exceptional," not permanent policy, pledges to allow back "many" Palestinians deported since 1967 if the Palestinians agree to resume peace talks in April. Israel also offers 2 proposals of tax relief to Palestinians. Offers fall short of Palestinian demand that Israel never deport o.t. Palestinians again. (MM 2/25; WT 2/26)

Hamas rep. in Amman Muhammad Nazzal reports that U.S. embassy official in Jordan has held 2 meetings with Hamas spokesman Ibrahim Ghawshah since the 12/17 deportations. Hamas reps. also met recently with ambs. from UK, France, Germany and Italy. (MM 2/26, 3/2; RMC 2/25 in FBIS 2/26)

Anti-peace process rally held at Birzeit U., West Bank. (ITV 2/25 in FBIS 2/26)

Jaffa Research Center releases poll of 773 Palestinian Israelis: 49% support resumption of talks before solving deportee issue; 71.5% feel Israel is "serious" in its talks with the Palestinians, but fewer than half feel talks will result in a solution to the problem. (ITV 2/25 in FBIS 2/26)

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) circulates letter signed by 58 senators urging Secy. of State Christopher to include Hamas in annual report on terrorism. (MM 3/31)