Monday, April 19, 1993

Pres. Asad meets with Chmn. Arafat, PLO officials, and delegation mbrs. in Latakiafirst Asad-Arafat meeting in over a year. PLO group then travels to Amman. (WP, WT 4/20; RJN, SARR 4/20 in FBIS 4/20)

Peace Now calls on PM Rabin to seize the moment for peace, presents 10 principles. (MM 4/19)

Ten Palestinian rejectionist factions issue statement condemning current diplomacy seeking to resume peace talks. (QPAR 4/19 in FBIS 4/20)

Palestinian dentist, an UNRWA and Red Crescent official, is assassinated in Sidon, Lebanon. Fateh blames FRC, Mossad. Two FRC mbrs. are found dead in Sidon. (RFL 4/19 in FBIS 4/20; Voice of the PLO [Baghdad] 4/20 in FBIS 4/21)

Saudi FM Prince Saud Faisal calls on Gulf states to release funds to PLO, including the 5% "PLO tax" on Palestinian workers halted after the Gulf war. King Fahd pledges a contribution to the Jerusalem Fund. (MM 4/20; WT 4/20; SPA 4/19 in FBIS 4/20)

IDF undercover units shoot 1 Palestinian dead in West Bank, 1 in Gaza Strip. (MM 4/20)