Friday, December 4, 1992

FM reps. of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and PLO hold coordination meeting in Lebanon, agree to participate in negotiations beginning 12/7. (MM 12/4; Radio Lebanon 12/4 in FBIS 12/7)

Steering comm. overseeing multilateral talks ends 2-day meeting in London. Progress limited on most contentious isuesgreater Palestinian participation, and formation of working groups on Jerusalem and human rights. The 5 existing working groups are scheduled to meet in February. (MM 12/4)

Al-Fajr reports that the EC has allocated 4 million ECU ($6.5 million) for operation of hospitals in o.t., and will exempt Palestinian agricultural exports from EC states' import duties. (FBIS 12/8)

PFLP leader George Habash urges solidarity with the PLO in statement to Egyptian newspaper. (MENA 12/4 in FBIS 12/4)