Sunday, January 3, 1993

SIA commander Antun Lahd states opposition to Israel's deportation of 415 Palestinians, says he will not aid them. (Voice of the South 1/3 in FBIS 1/4)

Convoy of trucks with supplies for the deportees organized by Palestinian Israelis is stopped at northern border by IDF. (JP 1/9)

Shin Bet agent is killed at a West Jerusalem "safe house" by a Palestinian informer who regularly supplied information about Islamic groups. (MM 1/4; NYT 1/4, 1/5)

IDF lifts 4-day curfew in Gaza Strip, clashes erupt. One Palestinian killed by IDF, 1 by other Palestinians. (NYT 1/4)

Israel announces it will install a new 52- km fence enclosing the Gaza Strip, at a cost of NIS 6 million. (ITV 1/3 in FBIS 1/5)

Kuwaiti paper al-Siyasa carries editorial by Sabah family-member rebuking the National Council for its 12/22 condemnation of Israel's 12/17 expulsions, adding that "Israel is not the enemy.... Our enemies are those who supported the wicked occupation [of Kuwait]." (MM 1/4)