Wednesday, January 20, 1993

Between meetings with FM Peres and PM Rabin in Jerusalem, UN special envoy Chinmaya Gharekhan says the UNSC "cannot wait any longer" for Israel to repatriate the 12/17 deportees. Israel formally asks the UN to delay further action until the High Court ruling (see 1/17). (MM 1/20; WT 1/21)

Jordan Times reports that the PLO "kitchen cabinet" (the "American lobby") of pol. advisor Nabil Shaath, Exec. Comm. mbr. Mahmud 'Abbas, and Yemen-based Bassam Abu-Sharif believe that linkage between the deportations and the peace talks is "not necessary." (Jordan Times 1/20 in FBIS 1/21)

EC Commission says it plans no sanctions or downgrading of Israel's trade status despite its objections to the deportations. (MM 1/22)

Israel announces that the mostly Muslim former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan will open an embassy in Jerusalem. (NYT 1/21)

Bill Clinton is inaugurated 42nd president of the U.S. (NYT 1/21