Saturday, October 31, 1992

PLO pol. dept head Faruq al-Qaddumi says PLO and Arab states must carefully examine the proposal to hold next round of multilateral refugee talks in Tunis. Israel accepted the Tunisian offer, which he says is a "U.S. demand" (see 10/22). (SANA 10/31 in FBIS 11/2)

IDF kills Hamas mbr. in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip. Demonstrations erupt throughout Strip. (al-Fajr 11/9)

Lebanese PM-designate Rafiq al-Hariri meets with Pres. Asad, other Syrian officials in Damascus, then returns to Beirut to announce new govt. Chamber of Deputies speaker Nabih Birri criticizes the new cabinet, will travel to Damascus for consultations. (Radio Lebanon, VOL 10/31 in FBIS 11/2)

Hizballah mbr. is killed after exploding a roadside bomb near SLA patrol inside "security zone." Israel shells villages north of "security zone." (Qol Yisra'el 10/31, Voice of the Oppressed 11/1 in FBIS 11/3)

In interview with Middle East Insight magazine, Pres. candidate Bill Clinton says Arab states should end boycott against Israel. (WT 11/12)