Wednesday, June 3, 1992

Pres. Mubarak, FM 'Amr Musa, presidential advisor Usamah al-Baz meet with Pres. Asad in Damascus to discuss continued fighting between Islamic Resistance, combined SLA-IDF forces in S. Lebanon. At a press conference, Mubarak and Asad call for 8 signatories to 1991 "Damascus Declaration" to meet. (MM 6/3, 4)

Iranian FM Velayati meets with Hizballah officials in Damascus. (MM 6/3; NYT 6/4)

IDF closes al-Najah University in Nablus for one week, lifts curfew imposed 5/24 on Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza. (Qol Yisra'el 6/2 in FBIS 6/3; MM 6/4)

Israeli housing min. halts work on plans to build 200 Jewish residences in Muslim quarter in East Jerusalem. (MM 6/5)

Guerrillas from Lebanese Resistance, coalition of forces headed by Communist Party, attack SLA position in Qantara. (MM 6/3