Tuesday, June 23, 1992

Labor party wins substantial victory in Israeli elections with 44 out of 120 seats. Likud wins 32, left-wing Meretz coalition wins 12; Tsomet 8, National Religous Party 6, SHAS 6, United Torah Jewry 4, Democratic Front (Arab) 3, Moledet 3, Arab Democratic Party 2. Rabin to form coalition with smaller parties to obtain 61-seat majority. Curfew is imposed on entire o.t., barring Palestinian entry to Israel or East Jerusalem. (NYT, WP, MM 6/24; MM, FBIS 6/26; NYT 6/27; Al-Fajr 6/29)

Israel shells Kafr Rumman, Nabatiyya areas, S. Lebanon. (VOL 6/23 in FBIS 6/24)