Monday, June 29, 1992

In Jericho, 17 Palestinian peace delegates are detained and questioned for 3 hours concerning their 6/18 public meeting in Amman with PLO Chmn. Arafat. Police say the 17 will be summoned for interrogation again; Faisal Husseini said the group will refuse to answer questions,tressing their immunity as delegates. (NYT 6/30)

Israeli fin. min. issues order preventing construction ad housing min. from signing new contracts until a new govt. is formed. Freeze applies to both Israel and the o.t. (HaAretz 6/29 in FBIS 6/29)

Benjamin Netanyahu announces intention to run for leadership of the Likud party. (NYT 6/30)

Alleged plot to assassinate Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein by 4 officers of the Republican Guard is reportedly defused, Hussein embarks on extensive purge of military officers. (NYT 7/9)

Pres. Asad endorses new 37-member cabinet; Ba'ath "heavyweights" retain over twothirds of seats. (MM 7/30)

Lebanese army units in south are put on alert, shell Israeli targets inside "security zone." Israel and SLA shell Jabal al-Safi, Arnun areas; Israeli air force stages mock raids over Iqlim al-Tuffah, Bint Jubayl, fires rockets at "Hizballah target" in UNIFIL village of Haris. Israel reportedly moves to incorporate Arnun into "security zone." (Radio Lebanon, Radio Free Lebanon, Qol Yisra'el 6/29 in FBIS 6/29)