Sunday, July 12, 1992

PM-designate Rabin announces new cabinet to the Labor party Cent. Comm. He named himself DM, Mordechai Gur dep. DM (in charge of "day-to-day" affairs), Avraham Shochat fin. min., Benyamin Ben-Eliezer construction and housing min., Shulamit Aloni education min. Labor has 13 minister portfolios, Meretz 3, and Shas 1-interior. (NYT 7/13)

Labor issues separate letters of commitment on social and political matters to HADASH (Democratic Front) and Arab Democratic Party, two Arab parties supporting but not part of new coalition who have a total of 5 Knesset seats. (ITV 7/12 in FBIS 7/13)

Chmn. Arafat meets with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo. (MM 7/13)

PLO political advisor and delegation advisory comm. mbr. Nabil Shaath says Egypt is "the" Arab state capable of restoring Arab solidarity and boosting Palestinian negotiating strength, aswell as materially aiding the Palestinan people. (MENA 7/12 in FBIS 7/14)

Palestinian delegation spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi is detained for several hours upon crossing the Allenby bridge from Jordan, regarding the delegation's 6/18 public meeting with PLO Chmn. Arafat. (Qol Yisra'el 7/12 in FBIS 7/13; NYT 7/13)

Israel, SLA heavily shells Iqlim al-Tuffah region in S. Lebanon, reportedly in retaliation for bomb attack on Israeli patrol. (MM 7/13)

UNLU issues addendum to call no. 84 (issued 7/4) commending and supporting efforts to end intra-Palestinian violence in Gaza Strip.