Monday, December 2, 1991

Palestinian delegates finally join Jordanians in leaving for peace talks in Washington after 10-hour delay at Amman airport during which negotiations continued between Palestinians and U.S. officials over whether or not certain PLO officials would be allowed visas to enter U.S. along with delegation. Palestinians eventually dropped the matter and left for Washington. (Jordan Times 12/3 in FBIS 12/3)

American hostage Joseph Cicippio released in Beirut by Revolutionary Justice Organization. (NYT 12/3)

Arafat holds talks with King Hussein in Amman. Usama Baz, advisor to Pres. Mubarak and most senior Egyptian leader to visit Jordan since Gulf war, also arrives for talks. Arafat later flies to Damascus. (MM 12/2)

IDF establishes Rachelim, a paramilitary Nahal camp, at site where two settlers were ambushed and killed 10/28. (MM 12/5)

UN Secy. Gen. Perez de Cuellar calls for UNIFIL troops to replace Israeli, SLA forces at certain locations in S. Lebanon to avoid future clashes like 11/15 incident in which Irish UNIFIL soldier died in a clash between UNIFIL, SLA. (MM 12/3)