Wednesday, December 4, 1991

Syrian, Lebanese, and joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegations arrive at State Dept. in Washington for peace talks; Israel holds fast to its decision not to attend. (NYT 12/5)

U.S. State Dept. criticizes 12/2 establishment of new settlement in W. Bank. (MM 12/5)

IDF lifts round-the-clock curfew of Ramallah-Bira region [see 12/1] for four hours to allow residents to buy supplies. IDF officials tell Knesset it has seized homes it claims from which gunmen killed settler. (MM 12/5)

Undercover Israeli agents kill resident of Zawiya, W. Bank, after entering village looking for another man. (MM 12/5)

Islamic Jihad releases Terry Anderson, last and longest-held American hostage in Lebanon. Since escalation of UN-brokered negotiations for comprehensive hostage-prisoner exchange in August, 91 Arab prisoners have been released by Israel or the SLA in return for 10 Western hostages, body of one Israeli soldier, confirmation of deaths of two other Israelis. (NYT 12/6)