Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In the West Bank, IDF troops clash with Palestinians in Aida r.c. after the funeral of a Palestinian boy killed by the IDF on 10/5, injuring 10. In protest of the killing, Palestinian businesses and schools in Bethlehem observe a general strike. IDF troops also raid the Nablus-area homes of the 5 Palestinians suspected in the 10/1 shooting that killed 2 settlers, taking pictures and threatening punitive demolitions. IDF troops violently disperse Palestinian stone-throwers in the Jenin, Ramallah, and Bethlehem areas, injuring at least 44 Palestinians and 1 Israeli soldier. Nr. Hebron, Israeli forces close off the main entrance to a village following overnight clashes, and they arrest 18 Palestinians during raids, house searches, and patrols around the city. Israeli settlers continue retaliatory attacks against Palestinians and their property throughout the West Bank, injuring 2 Palestinians in the Hebron area and clashing with Palestinians who had organized a local patrol to ward off settler attacks nr. Nablus (there are no serious injuries). In Israel, hundreds of Palestinians gather in Jaffa to protest the recent escalation of violence in the oPt; Israeli police attempt to disperse the crowd after some of the protesters start throwing stones and blocking traffic, sparking minor clashes (6 police are injured and 6 Palestinians are arrested). (EI, HA, JP, MNA, TOI, WAFA, YA 10/6; HA, MNA 10/7; PCHR 10/8)

Israeli forces punitively demolish 2 Palestinian homes in the Jabal Mukabir neighborhood of East Jerusalem. First, they demolish the home of 1 of the 2 Palestinians who attacked a West Jerusalem synagogue on 11/18/2014, and they later demolish the nearby home of the Palestinian who rammed an excavator into a bus on 8/4/2014, killing 1 Israeli and injuring others. Similarly in Silwan, they seal a room in the residence of the Palestinian who was shot and killed on 10/30/2014 after allegedly attempting to assassinate Yehuda Glick, the leader of the messianic Temple Mount movement. (MNA, WAFA 10/6; PCHR 10/8)

While visiting a settlement, Israeli PM Netanyahu says that the IDF will install cameras along roads across the West Bank to provide evidence of future Palestinian attacks. Netanyahu and DM Ya’alon also meet with 18 settler leaders and reportedly announce that the govt. will not be authorizing new settlement construction in response to the recent violence, explaining that increased pressure from the U.S. and EU would likely endanger settlers more than a temporary construction freeze. (JP, TOI 10/6; JP, TOI 10/7)