Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In the most high-profile incident of the day, undercover Israeli soldiers raid a hospital in Hebron and arrest a Palestinian patient—an alleged suspect in the stabbing of an Israeli settler on 25 October—and shoot and kill the man’s cousin. Meanwhile, Palestinians across the West Bank demonstrate in commemoration of the 11-year anniversary of former PLO chair Yasir Arafat’s death. IDF troops violently disperse them in al-‘Arub r.c. and 1 village nr. Hebron, w. of Tulkarm, 2 areas nr. Ramallah (al-Bireh and Jalazun r.c.), and Bethlehem; at least 70 Palestinians are injured. Elsewhere, IDF troops conduct a series of raids in Qalandia r.c. nr. Ramallah, sparking clashes with stone-throwing Palestinians youths; 13 Palestinians are injured. Palestinian youths throw stones at Israeli settlers’ vehicles nr. Nablus, causing no damage. The IDF then raids stores in a nearby village, sparking clashes with stone-throwing Palestinian youths; there are no serious injuries. The IDF also conducts raids in al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron, Nablus and 2 nearby villages, 1 village nr. Tulkarm, Jalazun r.c. and 1 village nr. Ramallah, 2 villages nr. Jenin, as well as 3 villages, Aida r.c. and al-Azza r.c. nr. Bethlehem, arresting 44 Palestinians and issuing an arrest summons to 1. Off Gaza’s coast nr. Bayt Lahiya, Israeli naval forces open fire on Palestinian fishing boats, causing no damage or injuries. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces raid a school in Silwan, arresting a Palestinian youth and issuing the school’s principal an arrest summons. They arrest 4 other Palestinians on raids in the Old City and Issawiyya. (MNA, WAFA 11/11; HA, JP, MNA, PCHR, WAFA, YA 11/12; PCHR 11/19)

The Jerusalem Municipality approves the construction of 891 new units in a settlement nr. Bayt Jala. (WAFA 11/11)

Israel’s Knesset approves, 55–31, the 1st reading of a bill that will allow the govt. to bar anyone who calls for a boycott of Israel from entering the country. (HA, JP 11/11)

The EU Commission adopts an interpretive notice “on indication of origin of goods from the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967,” including guidelines requiring products imported from Israel’s West Bank settlements to be labeled as such. (HA, JP, MNA, REU, YA 11/11; YA 11/12)