Friday, November 27, 2015

In the Jerusalem and Hebron areas, 2 Palestinians are killed in alleged ramming attacks. First, an Israeli settler shoots and kills a Palestinian driver nr. the Kefar Adumim settlement after he injures 2 Israeli soldiers with his car. While the Israeli media claims it was an intentional car-ramming, Palestinian sources report that the man was in a car accident with the settler driver. The victim’s brother was killed in a similar incident on 11/22.IDF troopsshoot and kill a Palestinian driver in Bayt Umar nr. Hebron after he rams a group of Israeli soldiers, injuring 5 of them. Afterward, the IDF seals the main entrance to the village. Israeli civilians assault a Palestinian worker in Beit Shemesh w. of Jerusalem, causing moderate injuries. A Palestinian allegedly stabs and injures an Israeli border police officer nr. Haifa. Meanwhile, the IDF clashes with and violently disperses Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists at Friday demonstrations against the Israeli occupation and recent killings of Palestinians in 7 areas nr. Ramallah (Bil‘in, Ni‘lin, Nabi Salih, Silwad, Budrus, outside Ofer Prison, and outside the Beit El settlement), 2 areas nr. Qalqilya, 2 villages and al-Fawar r.c. nr. Hebron, 2 villages nr. Nablus, and 3 areas along Gaza’s border; at least 53 Palestinians are injured. Israeli forces patrol in 3 villages nr. Hebron; prevent Palestinian farmers from working their fields nr. Nablus, sparking clashes with stonethrowers (14 Palestinians are injured); confiscate a Palestinian construction vehicle nr. Nablus. (HA, JP, MNA, TOI, YA 11/27; PCHR 12/3)