Wednesday, August 18, 1982

Military Action:

Cease-fire holds; PLO withdrawal scheduled to begin Saturday; car bomb explodes near office of Palestine Research Center in Hamra section of W. Beirut.


UNRWA says 32 years of work in Lebanon "wiped out" by IDF attacks on UN schools and clinics, asks $39 m. for rehabilitation work; 4 wounded in Palestine Research Center bomb.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel receives final draft of agreement (Cabinet approval expected tomorrow).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese government approves evacuation plan, asks US, Italy, France to contribute troops for a force to oversee PLO withdrawal (Wazzan announces cabinet decision; presidential election postponed to Monday); Muslim leaders seek to block bid for presidency by Gemayel (leftist militiamen fire on parliament building, say any election will be regarded as a military coup under Israeli occupation).

Arab Governments: Egypt continues to distance itself from US policies.

US and Other Countries: Reagan Administration says US Marines will go ashore in Beirut 5 days after first contingent of PLO leaves.

UN: Members debate resolution on Lebanon and Kuwait resolution asking for UN plaque dedicated to children killed in Israeli invasion.