Wednesday, August 25, 1982

Military Action:

First PLO units to be evacuated to Syria publicly welcomed in Tartus (Israeli claim that overland evacuation "postponed" at Syrian request denied in Damascus); IDF tanks head north from Beirut; PLO, Syrians fortify positions in Bekaa; two PLO groups leave Beirut for Syria, Sudan following massive public farewells (PLO overland evacuation to Syria postponed again, for "technical reasons"); Sharon allows Syrians to send trucks to remove heavy vehicles from Beirut; US Marines land at Beirut and US officer meets with PLO leadership to discuss guarding port area; IDF forces "thinned" near Beirut.

Casualties: 1 IDF soldier dies after being shot by sniper in Galerie Semaan (333rd IDF soldier killed); mine kills 4 Lebanese villagers near Jouayeh; Bekaa front quiet; 9 civilians killed, 27 wounded accidentally in farewell fusillades by LNM forces.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Temritories: Sharon meets with West Bank Village League heads concerning their participation in "autonomy" talks (later states opposition to Palestinian state because "it already exists" in Jordan); grenade hurled at IDF vehicle in Gaza Strip (fourth such incident in Occupied Territories in one week); Union of Palestinian Women's Committees from West Bank visit Palestinian and Lebanese victims of Israeli invasion in Haifa hospitals; Begin calls for resumption of autonomy talks with Egypt, claims "war" with PLO in West Beirut over; government announces 7 more settlements planned for West Bank, Golan Heights; Sharon says he expects Lebanon to sign peace treaty with Israel; Peres calls for establishment of commission of inquiry to examine government conduct of Lebanese war.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Opposition to Gemayel presidency among Lebanese Muslims remains strong.

Arab Govemments: Syria warns Gemayel against signing peace treaty with Israel; Saudi Prince Saud meets Assad in Damascus (Saudis reportedly involved in negotiations with US on withdrawal of forces from Lebanon); Saudi King Fahd donates $500 m. to repair damage to Sidon.

US and Other Countries: Habib, in Tel Aviv, asks Sharon to allow French soldiers to safeguard section of Beirut-Damascus road during evacuation and to restrain Phalange attacks; 3 US congressmen meet Begin in Israel; Reagan assures Congress of Marines' noncombat role in Lebanon in notification required under War Powers Act.