Thursday, August 26, 1982

Military Action:

Arafat checks front lines of PLO in Beirut, visits refugee camps, offices; PLO delegation arrives in Tunisia to prepare for PLO guerrilla arrivals; IDF position in Bekaa fortified; 177 wounded PLO fighters leave by ship for Greece; Syrian forces begin withdrawal from Beirut; 697 PLO guerrillas leave for North Yemen; second group of PLO guerrillas evacuated to Tartus; Italian troops and French reinforcements joined US Marines in overseeing evacuation.


1 IDF soldier dies of wounds from attack north of Tyre; 1 IDF solider killed by Phalangists when he and two other soldiers tried to break into jewelry shop in Aley; UNRWA says tents needed to house 30,000 Palestinian refugees through winter (Lebanese government reportedly opposes more permanent housing, relocation further northward); thousands of Lebanese jam crossings into West Beirut as services slowly restored.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon warns Syria, calls on Lebanese cabinet to cooperate with US (later at New York meeting with Jewish groups, he defends invasion as step toward Middle East peace; 100 demonstrators protest outside); Sharon meets Shultz, says Israel opposed to Palestinian state as it already exists in Jordan; Deputy Minister of Communications Dov Shilansky, in radio debate, says Israeli media encouraged the enemy during the war; IDF lifts 10-day ban on travel from Nablus area to Jordan; Begin says inquiry commission should probe opposition, not war; Jerusalem Post poll finds Likud Party surges in popularity.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Farouk Kaddoumi to lead PLO delegation to Arab Foreign Ministers meeting tomorrow; Habib meets Gemayel, asks Salaam to cooperate with Gemayel, assures Wazzan, Sarkis no Phalangists will be near overland evacuation.

Arab Govemments: Assad writes Reagan; Egypt sets three conditions for resuming autonomy talks in meeting with Israeli Ambassador (total IDF withdrawal from Lebanon; freeze on all further settlements in the occupied territories).

US and Other Countries: US Jewish leaders tell Shultz not to "rehabilitate" PLO.