Monday, December 6, 1982

Military Action:

Mortar, rocket and artillery battles spread from Chouf eastward toward Bekaa, fighting only ends after IDF imposes curfew; IDF troops in Lebanon now estimated at 30,000, down from over 80,000 during summer.


2 IDF soldiers wounded, 8 Lebanese killed in past week's clashes in Chouf; UNRWA Commissioner General warns refugees face wretched winter worsened by lack of wage-earners detained by IDF; at Ain el-Hilweh, Lebanese landowners reclaim two-thirds of camp land; Lebanese hospital reportedly received drugs taken from Gaza Hospital; Meridor says Israelis to offer grants to refugees to purchase prefab homes.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir claims Habif is making pro-PLO statements, but State Department denies; Druze and Christian leaders meet in Haifa, but fail to reach agreement on plan to end Lebanese sectarian fighting; Begin sends telegram to Israeli Druze leader asserting IDF is trying to end clashes; 1,200 Bethlehem University students go on strike to protest Israeli orders that 8 foreign lecturers suspend teaching.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Foreign Minister Elie Salem flies to London to renew plea for British troops to reinforce peacekeeping force; Haddad accuses Syria of provoking Phalange-Druze strife to undermine Israeli presence.

US and Other Countries: Habib meets with King Hassan in Morocco; Reagan spokesman Larry Speakes defends Administration opposition to increases in aid to Israel, says increase would come at expense of other allies and that aid levels had already risen 21 percent; White House announces Mubarak will visit Washington January 27, meet with Reagan; Chinese Community Party head Hu Yaobang urges Arab nations to recognize Israel's right to exist, in remarks welcoming Arab League delegation.