Wednesday, December 8, 1982

Military Action:

Five minute clash between Lebanese Army and IDF convoy.


2 Lebanese soldiers killed, 1 IDF soldier wounded in clash.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Number of Jewish settlers on West Bank to double to 50,000 in next 3 months as housing units completed.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PFLP leader Habash comes out against Arafat strategy; President Gemayel meets Egyptian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Butros Ghali and presidential advisor Osama el-Baz in Beirut (first official visit since diplomatic relations were broken in March 1979), message from Mubarak expresses Egyptian willingness to press US and EEC to press Israel for speedy withdrawal from Lebanon, praises Lebanese refusal to hold talks in Jerusalem; Egyptian charge d'affaires and Egyptian newspapers return to Beirut for first time in three years.

US and Other Countries: Nicaragua concerned over proposed Israeli arms sales to Honduras; State Department says Israeli- Lebanese clash underscores urgency of troop withdrawal; Habib and Draper brief White House staff; AFL-CIO leader Lane Kirkland pledges continuing US labor support for Israel.