Friday, July 2, 1982

Military Action:

IDF begins broadcasts urging Syrians and Palestinians in W. Beirut to flee or surrender; Sharon, in E. Beirut, says IDF may resume battle, urges Phalangists to join IDF in war against PLO; cease-fire holds despite IDF overflights of Beirut in morning and evening; PLO fortifies positions around camps and along coasts.


PLO, in press conference, charges wide-spread IDF use of cluster bombs; observers report no IDF effort to restore services to Palestinian refugee camps, only to nearby Lebanese towns, villages; Begin promises Israeli Druze leaders to protect Lebanese Druzes from Phalange harassment.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon, during tour of troops in Beirut, says Camp David process will be helped by elimination of PLO; Uri Avnery (former Sheli MK) meets Arafat and Israeli pilot POW in W. Beirut; General Eitan says invasion planned in its "final ver-sion" 1 year ago; Sharon reiterates opposition to any remaining PLO presence in Lebanon; Shamir tells French diplomats invasion will help autonomy talks, asks French to stay out of Lebanese negotiations; opinion poll says 93 percent of Israelis think invasion justified (98.5 percent of Likud, 90.7 percent of Labor), that Likud and Begin popularity surging up; government says US ammunition sold to Saudi Arabia turned up in Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Negotiations stalled on issues of PLO retention of arms and future political role in Lebanon (Arafat, in meeting with Wazzan, reportedly proposes 2 units under Lebanese Army command that would leave only after all Syrian and Israeli troops leave Lebanon; Saudi plan reportedly has no provision for eventual removal); reports that PLO Executive Committee agrees to military pullout over 8-week period (other reports say meeting rejected all Israeli government demands); Salam, after meeting Arafat, says PLO seeks diplomatic role as it has in other Arab countries; Gemayel returns to Lebanon, indicates no compromise reached (Phalange issues statement saying IDF invasion "defensive" move to wipe out PLO, endorses Sharon statement on Jordan as place for a Palestinian state); Habash rejects Israeli terms.

Arab Governments: Egyptian foreign ministry officials say PLO, if it came to Egypt, would have to proclaim "temporary government in exile" and restrict itself to political activity; Arab League ends meetings in Saudi Arabia, failing to resolve differences (PLO proposals reportedly accepted by all but Gemayel); Egypt says strong political PLO essential.

US and Other Countries: In Paris, 3 leading Jewish figures (Nahum Goldmann, Philip Klutznick, Pierre Mendes-France) issue joint declaration asking for mutual recognition by Israel and the PLO (hailed by PLO as pro-gram to lead out of the Lebanese crisis; strongly criticized by mainstream US Jewish groups, Israel).

UN: France and Egypt call on UN Security Council to intervene without formally asking body to meet; seek resolution to preserve PLO political role in the Mideast (part of draft resolution resembles one vetoed June 27; part assures Palestinians of their right to self-determination).