Saturday, July 3, 1982

Military Action:

IDF armored troops seal off West Beirut as Israeli and Palestinian gunners trade artillery, machine-gun fire in southern suburbs, in first major clash in 8 days; IDF drops concealment, openly sets up armored units for first time inside city at the Green Line; IDF and Phalange jointly patrolling crossing points; Israeli planes drop red flares over Palestinian refugee camps, as loudspeakers advise residents to move out; IDF digs out positions for tanks in hillsides above Beirut; IDF begins blockade, stopping all traffic coming into W. Beirut; IDF artillery in Sofar exchanges barrages with Syrians; 400 IDF tanks, 110 artillery pieces ring Beirut; Phalange radio reports IDF advances toward Burj al-Barajneh camp.

Arafat expects IDF attack with 3 divisions and planes, gunboats; PLO units maintain grenade, small arms attacks on IDF rear units.


Fires reported in vicinity of airport and in Burj al-Barajneh camp following fierce artillery duels; IDF units inwceased in Chouf area following killing of 3 Christian villagers by Druze militia-men (following week of violence against Druze villages by Phalange forces).

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir says Israel may not demand a multinational force along the border if some agreement can be reached; Shamir denies difference between political/ military actions of PLO, says IDF will not wait too much longer before assault on Beirut; Eitan suggests smaller military actions rather than all-out attack may be used; 270 IDF killed, 1270 injured; IDF says reservists in combat units may serve 60-90 days; 50- 70,000 people protest war in Tel Aviv, including reservists, as thousands of others attend exhibit of captured PLO and Syrian weapons; Justice Minister Nissim, Attorney General, and other officials meet tomorrow to consider legal action against Avnery for meeting Arafat.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Salam charges IDF broke cease-fire twice during day; agreement reached on deployment of multinational force alongside Lebanese Army, but not on continuing PLO presence in Lebanon; Lebanese government says PLO still refuses to offer formal set of proposals; Arafat later signs detailed document that PLO will evacuate Beirut (many Lebanese fear Israel will reject; Wazzan says only some progress, no agreement reached with PLO); Arafat hails "Paris Declaration" by 3 prominent Jews as "positive initiative toward a just ... peace"; Sarkis meets with French envoy Gutmann.

Arab Governments: Syria, Egypt, Jordan debate number of PLO members they are willing to take.

US and Other Countries: Habib meets with Sarkis; Ambassador Lewis meets Begin, reportedly asks more time for negotiations.

UN: UN mission heads for Lebanon to assess relief needs.