Friday, July 16, 1982

Military Action:

IDF planes make reconnaissance flights over Beirut, but cease-fire seems to hold.


Although fruit and vegetables getting through IDF blockade, gasoline, cooking oil and flour remain in short supply; over half W. Beirut's bakeries have closed for lack of fuel and flour; dump trucks unable to collect garbage because of lack of gasoline; ambulances reportedly have run out of gas; thousands of Beirut residents gathered at Wazzan's office to protest continuing blockade; Muslim clergyman says residents will take up arms against IDF unless blockade lifted; Wazzan appeals to Habib to persuade IDF to let in medicine, flour, fuel; thousands of residents fill streets stocking up on essential commodities; electricity now available 18 hours per day.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Former Prime Minister Rabin suggests PLO members with no country to go to be sent provisionally to Tripoli region of northern Lebanon; other Israeli leaders reject Rabin's proposal.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO suggests it move temporarily to northern Lebanon while negotiations continue on its presence in Lebanon; Wazzan conveys offer to Habib, who is reported skeptical; top Arafat deputy says PLO will stop fighting and become a purely political movement if the US recognizes the PLO; Sarkis rejects PLO offer to evacuate to northern Lebanon, fears such a move will only displace conflict elsewhere inside Lebanon; Haddad, speaking from his new headquarters in Sidon's town hall, announces drive to recruit new members to his force.

Arab Governments: Syria asks for written request from Arafat for sanctuary, and full endorsement of the request from the Arab League's 21 members; Syria also wants its own security needs taken into account in any Lebanon settlement.

US and Other Countries: Canada protests characterization by IDF of two Canadian doctors as possible "terrorists"; 2,000-3,000 Indonesian Muslims protest US collusion with Israeli invasion at US Embassy in Jakarta.