Thursday, July 15, 1982

Military Action:

Cease-fire appears to hold, despite minor clashes near airport; WAFA says 5 Israelis tried to move on the airport and failed; IDF jets fly over Beirut in mock raids; PLO commander Salah Taamari reportedly surrenders to IDF in Sidon.


IDF soldier reported wounded in fighting with Syrians along highway.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israelis fear PLO gains from talk delays; Shamir says government will give Habib more time for negotiations, after consultations with Begin and Sharon; Israeli media cites Egyptian pressures, Reagan's letter of last week, and European threats of sanctions as restraining Israeli options; Mapam distributes leaflet questioning whole operation; Begin asks attorney general to investigate if Mapam has committed a crime in circulating the document; Abraham Burg, son of Interior Minister, and two other reserve officers met with Begin recently to urge him to halt the war; British employee at Bir Zeit University asserts she was beaten while in detention, foreign ministry refuses to accept a UK diplomatic protest of the incident; Argov regains consciousness in London hospital; Israeli police detain dozens of students "suspected" of being students at Bir Zeit University; police also arrest 4 staff members of newspaper al-Fajr.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Issue of where guerrillas can go holds up negotiations; Arafat expects large IDF operation in near future, says guerrillas can withstand long siege; Sarkis reportedly ill; 2 Druze Cabinet Ministers disavow declaration of yesterday; PLO formally asks Syria for haven if agreement is reached; Fuad Shemali, military commander of right-wing Lebanese militia "Guards of the Cedars" announces support for Bashir Gemayel for president of Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Renewed Iran/Iraq hostilities reportedly slows negotiating process; Damascus Radio calls on other Arab countries to ensure PLO does not move from Lebanon to other countries; Egypt calls for Arab summit, urges direct US-PLO negotiations.

US and Other Countries: West German foreign minister visits Egypt, harshly criticizes IDF invasion of Lebanon; US urges Arab countries to help resettle surrounded PLO; Reagan contacts Saudi, Syrian governments regarding haven for PLO; former US official George Ball strongly criticizes Israeli invasion and lack of strong US response; Congressional leaders and foreign policy experts say Israel violated US restrictions on use of cluster bombs but disagree on US response; Mitterrand of France meets PLO leader Kaddoumi.