Tuesday, July 27, 1982

Military Action: IDF jets bomb heavily populated residential areas near central West Beirut for first time, badly damaging at least 12 high-rise buildings, causing many casualties (later strikes hit Palestinian camps; raid conducted at 3:38 PM, number for UN resolution on Palestinians); by nightfall, fierce artillery duels between PLO and IDF hit camps, Corniche Mazraa; IDF warships pound Palestinian areas, setting huge fires; bomb landing near French Ambassador's residence causes closing of main checkpoint near Museum; raids spark PLO rocket attack from W. Beirut to Jounieh and parts of E. Beirut; PLO guerrillas in civilian clothes pass through Maj. Haddad's checkpoints to reach Syrian lines (200 reported arrested, many others assumed to have arrived in Bekaa).

Casualties: Police estimate 120 killed, 232 wounded, mostly civilians (building housing 17 families takes direct hit; Wazzan and his family forced to flee to shelter as cluster of apartment buildings in Raouche district hit; dozens remain buried in rubble from collapsed buildings); electricity, water still cut off; 2 IDF soldiers wounded by rocket-propelled grenades south of Beirut; 3 killed, 30 wounded, Red Cross ship hit in PLO retaliatory attack on Jounieh, E. Beirut; Nabatiyeh leaders, with town's population swelled to 100,000, plead for assistance from Israeli and Lebanese governments to stem flow of refugees from the north.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin again rejects any dealings with PLO under any circumstances, says current US pressure against bombing Beirut didn't exist two weeks ago.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO official says PLO rejects Sudan's offer of asylum; Lebanese Tourism Minister Hammadi angrily denounces IDF strikes, says they will be discussed at Arab League meeting Wednesday in Saudi Arabia.