Wednesday, July 28, 1982

Military Action: IDF jets, artillery, gunboats pound West Beirut for seventh day, ignoring Habib efforts to restore cease-fire (artillery duels, bombings hit camps, Lailake, Ouzai, Ramlet el- Baida, Bain Militaire, Manara, setting large fires; Fakhani, Raouche, Lebanese gendarmerie barracks, stadium and airport areas also hit); Canadian Ambassador's residence hit (he denounces IDF attacks on civilians); PLO reinforcs positions in West Beirut as PLO rockets land in East Beirut and near Presidential palace at Baabda; cease-fire goes into effect hours after Habib's return.

Casualties: WAFA reports 28 Palestinian casualties; Beirut police estimate 203 dead, 297 wounded today (one apartment building yields 82 bodies); petrol and diesel fuel in short supply, electricity and water still cut off in West Beirut; ICRC appeals to all combatants to "spare the civilian population" and hospitals, distributes maps to IDF marking all medical facilities.

Political Reponse:

Israel/ Occupied Trerritories: Begin says Habib seeks firm commitment from PLO on principle of withdrawal in next two days, claims Egypt, Jordan, Syria have agreed to take PLO fighters; Eitan accuses UNIFIL officers of providing intelligence information on IDF to PLO (strongly denied by Lt. Gen. Callaghan, who says many contacts with PLO initiated at IDF request).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Salam says neighborhood delegations plead for US help in getting water, electricity turned back on, urges Habib to pressure IDF; Habib, Sarkis, Wazzan meet; Salam talks by phone to King Fahd, Mubarak.

Arab Governments: Arab League committee meets in Saudi Arabia to fix common negotiating stance.

US and Other Countries: Reagan expresses guarded optimism on peaceful solution to Beirut crisis, refuses to publicly support creation of Palestinian state; State Department issues strongest statement to date deploring breakdown of cease-fire; Arab Women's Council in Washington initiates fast outside White House; Italian government condemns [DF bombings, accuses IDF of major cease-fire violations; US says PLO arms claimed by Israelis to come from Saudi Arabia were originally sold to Lebanese Army.