Saturday, June 12, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli planes bomb Palestinian forces, areas south of Beirut; Beirut airport remains closed; Israelis destroy Syrian radar command center before fighting stops; Israel sends experienced civilian and military advisers from West Bank and Gaza to administer southern Lebanon; Israeli military sources say hundreds of captured Syrians and Palestinians brought to Israel, some kept in Lebanon; Palestinians are not considered POWs; Walid Jumblatt captured, held under house arrest by Israelis; Israel and PLO agree to begin cease-fire one day after extensive bombing of Beirut.

Syrian convoys seen moving from Lebanon to Syria; Syrian units not visible in Beirut.

PLO guerrillas retreat from Nabatiyeh, say civilian casualties far outnumber military ones.


Israeli casualties put at 130 killed, over 600 wounded; Red Cross estimates 1,000-1,200 dead, 3,000 wounded in Sidon alone (dead being laid out in tens in parking lots); another RC delegate says 600,000 displaced by fighting; 90 percent of 3 Palestinian camps around Tyre destroyed; yesterday's death toll put at 207 dead, 647 wounded; former Lebanese Prime Minister Saeb Salam says 1,000 people killed in Beirut area on June 10 alone; refugees from bombarded Palestinian camps camping out in parks under trees; hospitals in Beirut jammed with wounded, as stretchers are lined up outside American University Hospital.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Begin meets with Habib, urges the US to set up a multinational force to supplant Israel in Lebanon; Shamir has day of meetings with Habib; before PLO cease-fire announced, leftist Shinui Party and a Labor Party Knesset member call for no further moves to create new Lebanese political order, joined by Peace Now and other Israeli peace groups; group of Israeli academics accuses government of launching unjust war and of deception, charges IDF with slaughtering Palestinians; newly formed Committee Against the War in Lebanon plans protest outside Prime Minister's office.