Monday, June 14, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli and Phalangist forces link in Beirut, encircling PLO forces inside city; Israeli tanks push NE of capital, move on Syrian positions; IDF seizes control of Baabda; Beirut radio says IDF, with Phalangist support, moves to coast north of Beirut; Israeli navy closes Beirut port; Sharon visits Beirut for meetings with Phalangist leaders.

PLO leaders tour camps, hospitals, troop positions in Beirut; fighting flares between IDF and Syrians near highway; Phalangist officers, dressed in Israeli uniforms, are seen giving directions to Israeli tanks.


Reports from Tyre indicate no buildings untouched by shrapnel (Israeli military governor estimates only 30 percent of buildings destroyed); Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital in Sidon reports many patients dismem-bered in fighting (only one doctor remains to tend 58 patients after Israelis arrest Canadian, Norwegian, Palestinian doctors); all Sidon men aged 17-55, required to report to IDF for permits, many are arrested after going to IDF headquarters; 90 busloads of Palestinians reportedly taken away for questioning; Lebanese police report 9,583 killed, 16,608 wounded since Israeli air raids began 11 days ago (dead in Beirut estimated at 750); Israel now controls about half of Lebanon; Nabatiyeh reported "sanitized" by IDF before foreign correspondents allowed in; Israelis report 170 Israelis killed, 700 wounded, 10 captured, and 6,000 Palestinian guerrillas and 60 Syrians held; UK embassy advises nationals to leave.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israeli Defense Minister Sharon says IDF has "no intention" of taking Beirut; General Eitan says IDF mission is to smash PLO's political and military nerve center; Begin leaves for the US; Israeli agencies plan relief for Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO vows to stand and fight; Lebanese President Sarkis, meeting with 10 Cabinet ministers at Presidential Palace (Israeli tanks 200 metres away), calls for setting up a Council of National Salvation; 3 appointees to Council, however, refuse to attend; Habib delivers Israeli withdrawal terms to Sarkis, and US Ambassador Dillon sends limousine to fetch Walid Jumblatt; Jumblatt demands wider representation of Lebanese leftists on Council-other members are Gemayel (Maronite Phalangist), Berri (Shiite Amal), Maalouf (Catholic), Foreign Minister Butros (Greek Orthodox), Prime Minister Wazzan (Sunni), and Presi-dent Sarkis (Maronite); Christians in Baabda reportedly welcome Israelis, guide them; Bashir Gemayel reportedly pushed as future president of Lebanon (election of new Lebanese president by Parliament scheduled for late August); Haddad tours southern Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Egypt relays Palestinian request for cease-fire in Beirut area to Israel; Mubarak meets with Saudi King Fahd (first contact since 1973 peace treaty signed).