Tuesday, June 15, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli and Syrian forces fight along highway seeking better positions; Syrian, Pha-langist clashes reported as Israeli column, al-lowed through Phalangist territory, moves to dislodge Syrians from mountains overlooking coast and Bekaa valley; all roads into Beirut and coastal areas are reported held by Israelis; all resistance at Ain el-Hilweh near Sidon crushed (40-50 guerrillas reported taken); PLO bulldozes embankments around camps for anti-tank obstacles, mines; pockets of guerrillas halt Israeli vehicles, near Sidon.


More refugees pour into Beirut; chief sur-geon at Gaza Hospital in Sabra refugee camp says mortality rate is 30-50 percent (only 15-20 percent in 1978 fighting) because of weapons being used by Israel; high casualty estimates for Tyre (15,000 suffering effects of fighting, 8,000 Palestinians living in the open), Sidon (300,000 residents said to flee port city; streets full of bodies), Jezzine (normally 20,000, it now has 200,000 refugees), Damour (empty of life as Israeli tanks drive through); 73 dead in bombing of apartment building in working-class Lebanese district; Gaza and Acre Hospital administrators say 90 percent of patients are civilian, 60 percent women and children.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Israel demands Syrians quit Beirut (Syrians refuse, citing Arab Deterrent Force mandate); Begin flies to US to sell idea of Christian-led government in Lebanon; Gen. Sharon reported to meet clandestinely with Phalangist leaders; Begin says Egypt's ties with Israel pass "test"; Nahum Goldman reported to condemn Israeli invasion last week; legal problems raised by 6,000 Palestinian detainees (some hold foreign nationalities, some are under age); Peace Now speaks out against the war, calls on the Israeli government to invite Palestini-ans to the peace process..

Palestinians/Lebanese: Bashir Gemayel claims ignorance of Israeli intention to drive through his territory; pressure mounts to have Lebanese Army move into Beirut; Berri refuses to serve on National Salvation Council unless Jumblatt does.

Arab Governments: Al-Ahram calls on Egyptians to boycott Israel for its "Nazi genocidal war," asks firm stand against invasion by government; Egypt plans to send medical supplies to Lebanon via ICRC.

US: Habib meets with Lebanese leaders to discuss solution; US asks dependents and officials to leave the country.

UN: Lebanese government asks UN for food/relief supplies for 600,000 people for 6 months.