Sunday, November 7, 1982

Military Action:

Renewed fighting between Phalange and Druze villagers in Chouf, and spate of kidnappings following battles in and near Aley, raise tensions before release of about 50 from each side eases situation; Syrian missile fired at IDF positions in Bekaa.


Mother and three sons killed when bomb demolishes house in Muslim area of Haret Hreik; several tents put up in Ain el-Hilweh are found slashed, only 5 families have moved into tents, and children stone UNRWA workers and Border Police patrol; small Cyprus freighter is first ship to enter Tyre harbor since June 6; hundreds of Ansar detainees riot to protest inadequate protection against winter weather, guards fire in air to stop protest; IDF plans to investigate irregularities in issuing permits to Israeli Palestinians to visit Lebanese relatives (some permits sold to Lebanese Palestinians).

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: IDF Beirut commander Amos Yaron tells Commission of Inquiry that he heard of civilian killings T1hursday, talked to Drori, but only knew full extent of killings Monday, that Phalange were allowed to replenish ammunition and rotate troops, contradicting earlier Sharon testimony, that he thought most civilians had fled area, and that Eitan praised Phalange performance in extending their stay in the camps and that they were withdrawn September 18 due to US pressure; 7 IDF soldiers go on trial for assaulting Palestinians on the West Bank; Israeli Cabinet rejects US criticism of settlement policy, pledges to continue policy, Begin asks Arens to formally protest US statements; Labor Party leader Peres urges Begin to move toward negotiations on basis of Reagan plan, but rejects Shunui Party call for end to all settlement activity; 1 Palestinian killed, 4 wounded in attack on Israeli army vehicle in Gaza Strip; Hebron mayor asks for UN intervention to halt destruction of Arab homes and establishment of old Jewish quarter in central Hebron.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Government asks Britain, South Korea, Sweden and the Netherlands to contribute troops to peace-keeping force.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Foreign Minister Hassan Ali says Egypt is trying to arrange a dialogue between the PLO and US and to ensure PLO participation in new peace talks.