Monday, November 15, 1982

Military Action:

IDF completes preparations for moving military headquarters at Tyre into former UNRWA building.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin arrives in Israel for funeral of his wife and day of mourning for Tyre victims, as Knesset meets in special session; several hundred Birzeit students and faculty protest dismissals in solidarity rally as first teacher (a US citizen) is deported under new Israeli restrictions; Israeli authorities erect barriers around cam- pus, preventing Israeli Committee In Solidar- ity with Birzeit and two busloads from Teachers Training Institute from attending; Bethlehem University also halts classes; US authorities indicate they have appealed to Israeli government, as 19 Americans among the 31 (one fourth of Birzeit faculty) now facing deportation for refusing to sign anti- PLO pledge.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel and Wazzan return home after asking Saudi help in getting pullback of all foreign troops.

Arab Governments: Cairo papers report US initiative, at Egyptian urging, to resolve Taba dispute following conclusion of Foreign Minister Ali's visit to US, and that US agrees hotel opening violates April agreement.

US and Other Countries: Holland refuses to join Beirut peacekeeping force, saying it prefers UN auspices for such forces and al- ready has 800 Dutch soldiers serving in UNIFIL in Lebanon; Knesset member, in Bonn, announces West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl will visit Israel next year.