Friday, October 1, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Government urges US to deploy contingent in larger area to pressure IDF to withdraw from entire Beirut area (IDF tanks still stationed around presidential palace at Baabda); Marines continue to bring equipment ashore (currently assigned to patrol from southern tip of airport to Burj al-Barajneh); French troops take over East Beirut positions from Phalange for first time; IDF unit attacked near Aley (no casualties).


Site of massacre bulldozed as Lebanese Government flattens camp for "health and psychological reasons"; Lebanese Army searches door-to-door for illegal residents (Syrians are deported, Turks jailed, 1500 Palestinians taken for interrogation); Saeb Salam asks Gemayel to halt "kidnappings".

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Chief Justice Kahan appoints judicial Commission of inquiry into Beirut massacre; Begin may press for elections next spring after Commission releases findings.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Saeb Salam rejects Gemayel request for him to return as Prime Minister for 5th time; suspect in Gemayel assassination arrested by Phalange security agents (3 men also arrested for murder two years ago of Bashir Gemayel's 18-month-old daughter); Habib meets Gemayel for 90 minutes, on route from Egypt to Syria; DFLP's Hawatmeh says DFLP will propose resolution on mutual recognition between Israel and PLO at next Palestine National Council meeting.

US and Other Countries: Reagan calls death of Marine "tragic" but says US commitment to peacekeeping force remains unchanged; Gromyko, at UN, condemns Reagan peace plan.

UN: UN declines to set up independent inquiry on massacre because Lebanese want inquiry to be carried on outside Lebanon, but PLO thinks inquiry should be held in Lebanon.