Wednesday, October 6, 1982

Military Action:

Druze and Phalange forces clash in Bekaa; Lebanese Army reveals elaborate network of concretelined tunnels linking PLO strong-holds with 3 refugee camps, which sheltered Palestinian guerrillas and military supplies from IDF bombardment; Lebanese Army continues door-to-door searches and arrests.


ICRC visits 3 IDF soldiers held by Syria, reports them in good condition, 6 other IDF soldiers still missing; US protests arbitrary arrests of Palestinians to Gemayel; IDF in Beirut posts list of 12,276 killed in Israeli invasion (thousands more than Israeli Government previously acknowledged).

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli paratroopers sign petition accusing Sharon of slandering them, demand public apology (Sharon reportedly accused unit of refusing to fight in Lebanon); Likud and Alignment Knesset members visit refugee camps in South Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Haddad says negotiated withdrawal must include continued links between Lebanon and Israel, permanently open border; Gemayel reported to favor special relationship with Syria (fuels speculation on possibility of mutual defense pact in return for Syrian withdrawal).

Arab Governments: Jordan grants amnesty to Palestinians accused of security offenses during 1970.

US and Other Countries: US developing plan for phased pullout; Habib briefs Reagan, Shultz and Weinberger; White House claims it has assurances from Lebanese authorities to safeguard Palestinian rights during crack-down on illegal Beirut residents (follows complaints from US, French and Italian diplomats in Lebanon); US delays talks on Israeli fighter project.

UN: Libya calls on UN to expel Israel.