Monday, October 11, 1982

Militarv Action:

Lebanese Army continues searches and bulldozing of squatter dwellings; Army seals off 3 refugee camps, bars photographers and film crews, makes street searches; camp residents lodge protests at French embassy as French forces patrol camps; Phalange transferring weapons outside city limits in expectation of East Beirut security sweep.


Men in civilian dress accompany masked informants into Sabra and Shatila, take away those pointed out (residents suspect Phalange); reporter for al-Safir arrested for reporting Army searches in camps, only released after protest from Lebanese press syndicate; Lebanese authorities refuse to release list of detainees; US, French, Italian envoys meet Gemayel to protest civilians arresting refugee camp residents (order later issued requiring all Lebanese Army men entering camps to do so in uniform); Lebanese military prosecutor says 328 bodies found, 991 missing, says most killed by gunshot or knife wounds; IDF casualties from Lebanon invasion put at 368 killed, 2,383 wounded between June 5 and October 10.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel displays captured PLO arms; Israeli Commission of Inquiry into massacres begins deliberations; Israel agrees to remove roadblocks checking student identification near West Bank universities; university administrators meet Yigal Karmon, who lifts Military Order 854 after protests by Pope and others (13 teachers from Najah University already expelled; 100 still threatened); West Bank surpasses US as Israel's major export market (excluding diamond trade).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Pierre Gemayel invites Lebanese Army to impose security measures on East Beirut.