Monday, October 25, 1982

Military Action:

Phalange maintains roadblocks in East Beirut; IDF bus and escort jeep fired on between Nahariyeh and Zahrani; IDF roadblock at Kfar Silat hit by Rocket-propelled grenades, second attack in a week; all Israeli buses must now be escorted by a jeep with an automatic weapon and at least 6 armed soldiers; IDF increases patrols in South Lebanon refugee camps in response to fears of renewed Phalange violence; IDF decreases presence in Druze villages; IAF flies surveillance over Bekaa.


Israeli health ministry announces Lebanese Government has ordered Sidon hospital to end cooperation with Israeli health authorities, no longer purchase medical supplies or allow treatment of patients in Israel; Israeli Economic Minister Meridor says, in Knesset, that IDF will protect Palestinian refugees, provide them with materials to build more permanent structures.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon, in first public session of Commission of Inquiry, says Israeli Cabinet decided on June 15 to use Phalangists in "anti-terrorist" operation, reveals one Haddad soldier killed and two captured by IDF for being part of group involved in massacre, claims Eitan first told him, at 9 PM Friday, 24 hours after it began, that "the Christians had harmed the civilian population beyond what was expected," says he did not inform Begin until next day; Sharon repeatedly seeks to have testimony closed to public and later testifies for 3 hours in secret, thrust of testimony puts onus for Friday evening casualties on Eitan, says IDF estimate 700-800 died during massacre.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO announces PLO units will move from Syria to join PLA units in Jordan; leftist organizations express shock at Frem statement rejecting disarming of Phalange until all foreign forces have left Lebanon, protest Phalange searches.

Arab Governments: Egypt has refused entry to West Bank Palestinians; Tunisian Foreign Minister Beji Caid Essebsi appeals again for US recognition of the PLO.

US and Other Countries: Report by US Defense Department survey team on Lebanon's military needs presented to Weinberger; US official says Lebanon and Israel have agreed to hold negotiations on troop withdrawals with US participation; Canadian sales of Israel Bonds up 10 percent; Shultz, in Ottawa, says meeting with Hassan very constructive, says Hassan's statements imply Arab recognition of Israel, also says present size of peace-keeping force in Lebanon adequate; Norway's Labor Party to seek direct contact with PLO.

UN: Iran's challenge to Israel's General Assembly credentials undermines Arab-sponsored compromise, catches delegates by surprise.