Sunday, October 24, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Forces (Phalange) commander- in-chief Fady Frem says his forces will cooperate with Gemayel as long as he is committed to expelling all foreign forces from Lebanon; IDF reconnaissance jets pass over Beirut in apparent tribute to Bashir Gemayel.


Reconstruction proceeding quickly as rubble cleared, roads repaired in Beirut (land mines still a problem); UN estimates $15 billion and ten years necessary to rebuild Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Foreign Minister Shamir reports to Cabinet on US trip (officials reportedly expect drawn-out troop withdrawal negotiations); Israeli government renews insistence that remaining PLO forces be the first to leave, then Syrian and IDF forces leave simultaneously; son of Nablus Mayor Bassam Shakaa detained following yesterday's disturbances.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Saad Haddad meets with head of Israel's Druze community in Kafr Julis to discuss Lebanese situation.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Foreign Minister Hassan Ali says Egypt will press Israel over disputed Taba area near Eilat.

US and Other Countries: US envoy Morris Draper returns to Lebanon to resume US diplomatic efforts on withdrawal; French posts and telecommunications team leaves for Lebanon to repair and modernize Lebanon's telephone system; Reagan Administration considering rearming Lebanese armed forces with Raytheon Improved Hawk and General Dynamics Stinger infrared-guided man-portable missiles.