Thursday, September 2, 1982

Military Action:

ICRC plans to evacuate 56 wounded PLO guerrillas by sea to Greece tomorrow, two days after official end of evacuation; IDF officer wounded by light fire from passing car north of Tyre.


Lebanese police assumed control of West Beirut for first itme since 1975-76 civil war (Wazzan opens Green Line; only light army/police presence noted in East Beirut; Lebanese Army limited to barracks, defense of public buildings, can only act by order of Wazzan); Israeli planes continue to use Beirut airport, but Lebanese government resists Israeli demands that Israelis remain in control tower and check aircraft manifests, that El Al be allowed to open airport, and that Israeli military facilities be maintained there; Israelis advised to stay out of Beirut.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Cabinet meets in extraordinary session, angrily and unanimously rejects Reagan initiative as "worse than Rogers Plan"; Begin meets Weinberger, says Reagan initiative outside Camp David agreement; West Bank, Gaza reactions slightly positive after Kaddoumi response; Peres welcomes initiative; Nahum Goldmann buried on Mt. Herzl; West Bank Village League leaders invited to meet Weinberger at reception; residents of five refugee camps hold sit-in at Jerusalem UNRWA operations to protest cutoff of supplies; Jerusalem Post poll indicates over 50 percent of Israelis favor territorial compromise on occupied territories.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO studies Reagan proposals (Kaddoumi says proposals supplement Camp David; PLO Executive Committee plans meeting within 48 hours); Bourguiba receives Arafat on arrival in Tunisia; PLO, Syria warn Gemayel against signing treaty with Israel; Habib leaves Lebanon on vacation; Sarkis urges Reagan to allow Habib to negotiate withdrawal of Syrian, Israeli troops; Cabinet announces Lebanon will attend Fez Arab summit meeting, votes $1 m. to clean, repair Beirut streets.

Arab Governments: Most Arab governments withhold immediate comments on Reagan proposals, await Fez meeting; Jordan's Foreign Ministry says they have some positive aspects.

US and Other Countries: Weinberger, in Israel, visits Israeli weapons factories; Shultz expresses regret at Israeli rejection, says Hussein seriously studying proposals; proposals welcomed by Britain; former President Carter endorses intiative