Wednesday, September 22, 1982

Military Action:

Four IDF soldiers wounded in bazooka attack in Hamra district of West Beirut; Israel begins trucking half of captured PLO weapons to Israel despite Habib Agreement specifying all captured arms to be turned over to Lebanese Army; IDF dividing rest of arms between Lebanese Army and pro-Israeli Phalange.


ICRC estimates 293 bodies recovered to date in Shatila, still others buried in rubble of bulldozed homes and in mass grave 300 yards from IDF observation post.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon, testifying before parliament, says IDF coordinated entry of Phalangists into Shatila camp, let them pass through IDF lines around camp, fired flares to illuminate camp during massacre, says Gen. Drori, suspicious of Shatila events, temporarily suspended Phalangist activities but let them stay after meeting later in day; Likud Bloc defeats opposition motion to set up independent board of inquiry 48-42 after reluctantly agreeing to allow internal investigation; West Bank Civil Administrator Menachem Milson resigns over failure to investigate the massacre; Knesset defeats Labor motion to initiate full debate on decision to send IDF into West Beirut; Peace Now protesters expelled from Knesset gallery; general strike halts activities of 400,000 Palestinians in Israel; 64 are injured, at least 12 shot, during protests in Nazareth.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Army denies Eitan charge they refused to enter camps, assert they were to move into camps on schedule drafted by Wazzan; Army also denies IDF claim that many PLO fighters still in camps; Arafat, in first public appearance since the massacre, says Reagan betrayed him, claims IDF troops directly involved in killings by providing bulldozers to militia groups.

Arab Governments: Arab League, after 5-hour emergency meeting, accuses US of moral responsibility for massacre, issues PLO more financial backing.

US and Other Countries: Amnesty International asks UN to investigate massacre, asks Israel and Lebanon to cooperate; strong criticism of Israel in Congress, Senator Helms (D.-NC) says it would be "beneficial" if Begin resigns; congressional mail is strongly anti-Israel and beginning to call for US to use aid to force Israel to withdraw; Bnai Brith, American Jewish Committee, and American Jewish Congress call for inquiry into massacre.