Thursday, September 23, 1982

Military Action:

French units of peacekeeping force begin arriving off Beirut port (Marines to be deployed near port and airport, more heavily armed French and Italian units will be deployed near Green Line); IDF tanks still parked in port area; gunmen open fire on Israeli patrol near former PLO office on Corniche Mazraa, second attack on IDF in two weeks.


ICRC says it found 298 bodies in Shatila and Sabra, will leave recovery of others to Lebanese; four bodies of Gaza Hospital Red Crescent employees found at Sports Stadium where both IDF and Phalange/Haddad militias interrogated massacre survivors.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Draper and Habib meet with Israeli officials to discuss Israeli withdrawal; Israeli government appoints new Civil Administrator of occupied territories, Colonel Yosef Lunz as Arab protests of massacre continue.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Amin Gemayel is sworn in as Lebanon's president, pledges to strengthen Lebanese ties with Arab world; Wazzan denounces Israeli statement that Lebanese Army refused to enter camps, saying Army refused to "be the instrument of Israeli policy" in disarming Palestinians while IDF surrounded camps.

Arab Governments: Egypt reassures Israel that recall of ambassador does not presage graver acts.

US and Other Countries: US says peacekeeping force ready to deploy whether or, not Israeli troops have left Beirut; US accuses PLO of violating withdrawal agreement by leaving large caches of arms behind.