Wednesday, September 29, 1982

Military Action:

US Marines land by sea and helicopter, take control of the airport minutes after IDF soldiers leave; Lebanese Army takes over internal airport security; new IDF lines are 2 km. south of airport, through Hazmieh to Beirut-Damascus Highway and Aley; US Ambassador Dillon says IDF may only use airport in emergencies and with prior Lebanese consent (airport was used to airlift IDF soldiers to occupy West Beirut); IDF forces move near Bhamdoun; Phalange sets up military camps in 40 km. zone previously controlled exclusively by Haddad.


Sources in Beirut charge that massacre was directed by top Phalange military commanders including Elias Hobeika (an aide to Bashir Gemayel and liaison between Phalange, Mossad and US embassy); 9 Jewish women married to Palestinian Muslims believed to be among massacre victims; 4 Palestinian refugees murdered, dozens wounded, several abducted from Ein al-Hilweh camp by Lebanese.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Polls show Begin, Sharon popularity slips, but Labor Party popularity does not rise; Labor Party agrees to cancel Knesset debate; Sharon links Syria to Gemayel assassination; IDF sources say US will not press for further Israeli withdrawals from Lebanon until Syria pullout, IDF refuses to respond to allegations of looting of Lebanese private homes, businesses; Shamir arrives in US on 10 day visit; Israeli exports, especially trade with Egypt, adversely affected by invasion.

Arab Governments: Habib visits Egypt after stopping in Saudi Arabia to update Egyptians on talks with Jordanians, Syrians, Israelis.

US and Other Countries: State Department officer tells House subcommittee that IDF may have turned over US weapons to Phalangists involved in the massacre (some accounts specifically mention Phalange having M-60 tanks and M-16 rifles).