Thursday, April 14, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian and Israeli jets carry out reconnaissance flights over Bekaa Valley; PLO forces fire anti-aircraft guns at IDF planes in northern Lebanon.


About 100 Palestinian families in Sidon tell UNRWA officials that local residents have broken into their homes and threatened harm if they do not leave.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 18 opposition MKs call Eitan's cockroach remark shocking and severe phenomenon that cannot be ignored, ask Arens to reprimand him, Arens refuses comment, says Eitan a national hero; Arens and Haddad meet in South Lebanon, Arens says Haddad is a great patriot; government investment in West Bank settlements and infrastructure estimated at $200m. a year; "No to Campaign Ribbons" group says thousands of reservists have refused to accept Lebanon ribbon; IDF lifts month long curfew on Dahariya; illegal publications confiscated at el-Bireh nurses' training college book fair, college closed; Interior Ministry bans publication and distribution of Palestine Press Services's daily newsletter on events in the West Bank, demands it be licensed like a newspaper and subjected to military censorship; southern district police commander accuses West Bank Waqf of interfering in politics and engaging in political activities.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee meeting in Tunis postponed, Arafat travels to Bulgaria for 2 day visit.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Foreign Minister travels to Washington with message for Reagan; Mubarak meets Kissinger in Cairo; Egypt and Jordan agree to resume trade after 4-year interruption; Syrian President Assad meets DFLP's Naif Hawatmeh and PFLP-GC's Ahmed Jibril in Damascus.

US and Other Countries: US air and ground forces experts visit Israel to begin studying military data from Lebanon war; Albert Spiegel, Los Angeles businessman, quits as Reagan's Jewish affairs adviser.